Toy Fest Swap Meet is on Hiatus: Join us for our upcoming INDOOR Events!

To our Wonderful Toy Fest Swap Meet Vendors and Attendees,
Toy Fest Swap Meet was a wonderful and at the time imperative way for both collectors and toy sellers to continue doing convention-like events safely amidst a global pandemic where everything was cancelled and the world was on lock down. However, hope is on the horizon. As of June 15th 2021, Governor Newsom plans to fully reopen the State of California. With these lifted restrictions and businesses back in action, we are confident that Troublemakers Services will see the return of our indoor events.

Please make sure you follow all of the conventions listed on the side bar for updates (we will keep you up to date on the Toy Fest Facebook page too). You will see our Toy Fest Swap Meet vendors at many of these events. In this modern day circus, we con-lovers are all family.

See you indoors!

Warmest regards,
Toy Fest Swap Meet

Please feel free to contact Toy Fest Swap Meet via email with any questions or concerns!